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Many different hangover cures can be found online, but which ones are safe? To understand the answer we must define the problem. Hangover is the term most commonly used to refer to the group of unpleasant physiologic symptoms following ingestion of a large amount of alcohol. Aside from headache, photosensitivity, lethargy, irritability, nausea, diarrhea and thirst; dehydration is also common and is believed to be the most serious effect of heavy alcohol consumption due its potentially fatal complications. As a response to this condition, advancements in science and pharmacology developed hangover cures intended for alcohol consumers.

Furthermore, the severity of hangover symptoms depends on the specific concentration of alcohol in a beverage. For example, Tequila or Rum (the clear spirits) has a lower alcohol concentration compared to whiskey or brandy (the dark spirits). This depends upon how the distiller processes the beverage.

Hangover is usually caused by too much alcohol consumption in a short span of time which leads to excessive accumulation of toxic substances in the body; or alcohol ingestion on an empty stomach which will lead to faster intoxication.

If you will drink slowly over a specific period of time, your body will be able to keep up with alcohol metabolism demands; preventing an excessive increase in the blood alcohol concentration that induces intoxication. However, if you ingest alcohol more than your body can metabolize, that’s where hangover sets in.

Ingestion on an empty stomach increases the rate of alcohol intoxication. An empty stomach has increased amounts of acid; an acidic environment speeds up the alcohol absorption process, leading to a higher rate of intoxication.

Is a Hangover Cure Possible?

To combat the physiologic effects caused by hangover, alcohol drinkers resorted to a lot of hangover cures and remedies. To address dehydration, for instance, some people increase their intake of fluid in the form of water or juice drinks before sleeping or upon waking up. These will serve to replenish the fluid and electrolytes (ascorbic acid) lost upon alcohol absorption. Eating bananas is also a hangover cure option to restore potassium and fructose levels depleted by alcohol. Bananas contain magnesium as well, a mineral that prevents brain structures and chemicals from causing headache. It is also a naturally occurring antacid to combat nausea and vomiting. These are also they type of hangover cures that represent ineffective products on the market, including Noho Drink.

These hangover cures can be effective to some extent, yet they don’t guarantee full relief of the unpleasant symptoms; especially with the advancement of age. Elderly people are less able to tolerate alcohol intoxication and will less likely find hangover cures effective.

On the other hand, some people resort to unreliable hangover cures such as taking Bloody Mary mixed with other substances believed to relieve hangover symptoms; to no avail. In the most fundamental sense, the problems caused by ingesting alcohol can’t be solved by taking more alcohol.


Hangover Cures - Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer

Nevertheless, there’s no reason to worry anymore. An ideal hangover cure in the form of a natural and chemical-free medication has now been made available in the market. This is called Forgiven; a product especially formulated to speed up the breakdown of alcohol and its by-products that induce the unpleasant body reactions. It contains nutrients and minerals that are guaranteed to get rid of all the disagreeable sensations associated with drinking alcohol; so you remain physically and mentally in control.