Hangover Remedies- What's to know? November 23 2013

Hangover remedies are scoured throughout the Internet, but what is really the right information?  First let’s start off by acknowledging that alcoholic drinks are perhaps the most popular beverage in the world today. It is taken by people to experience a different kind of pleasure that can’t be obtained in other types of beverage. Unfortunately, after a night of fun, what comes after is a morning characterized by distasteful sensations to include nausea, lethargy, headache, dehydration and dysphoria; calling the need for some hangover remedies as soon as possible.

The severity of hangover symptoms vary from person to person and depends on the amount of “impurities” or toxic substances contained in the alcoholic drink. Some factors were found to increase the incidence of hangover; which includes drinking on an empty stomach, low water intake, impaired sleep pattern, heavy alcohol ingestion; therefore the best hangover remedies are ones directed to all of these factors.

People searching for the best hangover remedies may have stumbled on of the many techniques which are as follows:

Hangover Remedies that do not work!

1. Eating food rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats; before during and after drinking alcohol, enhances the body’s ability to break down and metabolize alcohol quickly and efficiently, rendering the alcohol incapable of being transported to vital organs of the body before they can cause unpleasant physiologic symptoms. This is believed to be the best hangover remedy used by alcohol lovers both as a preventive and curative measure.

2. Eat foods rich in starch and fructose such as crackers, honey, fruit salad, cereals and yogurts to impair the absorption process of alcohol; decreasing blood alcohol concentration levels.

3. Increase water intake to maintain hydration and help the body flush out alcohol byproducts called acetaldehyde through the urinary system. This is one of the best hangover remedies in terms of naturally maintaining the body’s hydration status.

4. Never consider drinking coffee. It promotes water excretion through the body’s elimination mechanisms, which will only compromise the body’s hydration status, eventually leading to dehydration.

5. Lime water combined with honey will provide a rich source of glucose that serves as an energy source for the brain to increase mental alertness.

6. Also make sure to take foods with high vitamin c content such as oranges and other citrus fruits to strengthen immunity and boost the body’s natural healing ability in effectively getting rid of physiologic imbalances that cause hangover symptoms.

7. Taking ginger or peppermint tea will enhance the functioning of the gastrointestinal system, offsetting digestive irritation symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

8. You may also apply alternate warm and cold compress to your forehead to alleviate headache.

These home-made remedies have already been proven helpful and effective in alleviating hangover symptoms to some measure, yet they are still not proven and tested for safe usage by medical professionals.

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